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Adult Bhangra Classes Kitchener

Published OnFebruary 15, 2018By Jorawar Singh

When it comes to Adults Bhangra Classes Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge , We offer various formal Bhangra dance classes for adult as well. The best part is that we have a complete syllabus. We also have expert trainers to develop custom Bhangra dance. We offer separate classes for Adults and Kids.

What is Bhangra dance?

Bhangra is a very popular dance form in the world,especially in Bollywood. It consists various moves in the Bhangra dance form. We offer garba-blaze and bolly-blaze dance forms in your dance classes. There are many classes of Adults & Kids Bhangra Classes Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge. It is the effective way to burn calories from your body.
To register for Adult Bhangra Class please click here or Call us at 226-978-4722 | 226-868-2213

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